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Project 99

'Cause there can never be too many icons of desirable men

Project 99 Icon Challenge
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About the Challenge

ohnotheydidnt recently posted a list of the 99 most desirable men as chosen by the community's members. Because there can never be too many icons of desirable men in the world, I decided to give myself the challenge of making at least one icon of every man on the list, and I thought others might have fun doing so as well!

How It Works

1. Join the community and check out the list of subjects. The 99 Most Desirable Men

Please do not complain about who made the list or didn't make the list, or quibble about the definition of "desirable." Especially don't complain to me. I had nothing to do with creating or tallying the poll and didn't even vote in it.

2. Make and post at least one icon of each of the men on the list.

I suggest that you create one post on your personal or icon journal to keep track of the icons as you create them. When you have a new batch of icons to share, you can then either post them on the community or give us a link to your archive post.

A list of recommended image sources is being created here for your convenience. Feel free to comment to the post with any sources we've missed.

3. Once you've finished all 99, comment to the Hall of Fame post with a link to your 99 icons and be recognized!

4. Finally, please promote this community as much as you can. The more members we have, the more beautiful icons you get to see!

Challenge Rules

1. You must make at least one icon of each of the 99 men listed, even the ones you don't like or have never heard of.

2. However, if you were as shocked as I was that certain people were left off the list, you are encouraged to make and post icons for them as well.

3. You are also welcome to make more than one icon of your favorite men on the list.

4. You do not have to post all the icons at once, although you can. If you post them in batches, please post nine (9) icons per batch or more.

5. Please make new icons for the challenge. It defeats the purpose of the challenge to simply post old icons you have of the subjects.

6. Icons have to meet LJ standards (i.e. no greater than 100x100 pixels or 40kb) but there are no other requirements except to make at least one for each of the 99 guys on the list. They can be still or animated, follow a certain theme or not, or anything else you want.

7. Icon makers of all levels are welcome to join and participate, but please put effort into your icons. Cropping a picture and slapping some text on it may technically be an icon (and may be tempting for some of your lesser favorite celebrities on the list) but the idea is to celebrate beauty and art, not ignore them. If you are new to icon making, you can find help at communities such as icon_tutorial to improve your skills.

Rules For Posting Icons

1. Please use an lj-cut if you post more than three (3) icons.
2. Please post a minimum of nine (9) icons at a time.
3. Post any adult content behind the cut and with a warning.

Rules For Sharing Icons

1. Respect the requests of the icon's creator. If they say to comment and credit, then comment and credit.
2. Absolutely no hot-linking!
3. Taking someone else's icon and trying to pass it off as your own is theft.

More Questions?

Any other questions you have can be directed here.


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Mod: sasha_davidovna

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